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Why Sociall? Sociall is a free link platform created by creators for creators. Our interests align with yours, and the Sociall aim is to provide a service that actually provides what creators want and need. Through the Sociall Circle you can grow your audience, and the monetization of your link traffic provides an income to subside that earned on the very platforms you are linking to. There are no reasons not to switch, but many to make that jump.
Are There Paid Plans? No. We believe in helping content creators and making them pay to access basic features isn't how we do things. Creating a Link on our platform is completely free. Simply create an account and make your link with all customization, monetization, & analytic features included.
Do you have analytics? Yes we do! We are constantly working to add to your analytics so that you can get a fuller picture of your audience.
I've forgotten my password, what do I do? No worries! Just click the "Forgot your password" link and we will re-send your password to your email. You can also email us directly and we will send you your login information.
Is my link customizable? Yes we offer all of our customization for free. You can completely control the look of each section of your link page to make a space that is uniquely yours.
What is the add favourite creators option? This is a section on your link where you are able to showcase other creators on Sociall, whether it be your friends or other creators that you love. Simply search for your friend and click add to include them on your link. Their profile photos will be displayed on your link page and will link to their own Sociall pages.
What platforms can I put on my link? Anything you wish! We allow you to customize each link completely so your fans can be directed anywhere you want.
What is an image link? We allow our creators to create clickable image links in addition to the regular text buttons. This is great if you have a product or online store that you’d like to direct your fans to.
Can I collect emails and SMS? Yes, you can collect unlimited emails and SMS numbers on our platform.
What is a promotion? Our promotion feature allows you to create a clickable image ad that will be displayed across Sociall’s network of link pages. You simply upload an image, provide a text caption, and a link to direct new fans to your own Sociall link, social media, or other webpages. Your ad will run automatically for as long as you have coins in your account or until you pause it.
Where is my ad displayed? Your ad will be displayed on the thousands of link pages by other content creators. Your ad shows up as the image and title you choose. When clicked, it will direct to the link you have provided.
What can I promote? When you create an ad you will be able to provide an image, text, and a link. You may link to your own link page, any of your social pages, websites, or online stores. Your ad will have to undergo an approval process for the safety of our users. For a full list of restricted ad content, please review our terms of service.
What is a bid? A bid is the amount of coins you will spend per ad view. Ads with higher bids will be chosen to be shown more often than those with lower bids. This means faster results, at a higher price per result.
How much should I bid? How high you bid determines how much you pay per view and how fast your campaign runs. Higher bidding ads will be shown more often throughout the network of Sociall links than lower bidding ads. When you are choosing a bid, our system will let you know how that bid measures up to others. You can also check the Top Bids card on your Promote page to see the current highest bidders.
Can I change my bid later? Of course. Everything is able to be edited at any time you wish. If you made a mistake just click on the "Edit" button.
Can I target which pages I’m displayed on? No. We do not currently allow targeting for promotions but hope to add this feature in the near future.
Does my ad need to be approved? Yes. Because we are offering image ads, we must approve the ads prior to displaying them on creators pages. This process can take up to 24 hours. For a full list of restricted ad content, please see our terms of service.
Are there refunds?? No, we cannot give refunds once you have paid for your coins. You pay upfront & only the amount you choose. You can even try the service for free using the coins you earn through achievements, prior to purchasing more. However, if our system doesn't work or hinders your campaign due to a bug, we will issue a refund in coins. You will not receive refunds for unspent coins.
What are coins? Coins are Sociall’s virtual currency. Creators can use coins to run promotions and be featured across creators’ Sociall links.
How do I get coins? You are able to purchase coins from your Promote page by using Stripe or Paypal. You can also earn coins by completing certain achievements while interacting with the Sociall platform.
How much are coins worth? One coin is equivalent to USD$0.01.
Why do I have to use coins? Coins are an easy way to set your budget in a way that works for you. By buying coins for a promotion you can decide your own budget for the campaign with no risk of overspending.
Why do you monetize? We understand the struggles of making money as a content creator. We wanted to create a simple & innovative way for everyone to be able to earn revenue with no catches. Instead of focusing on your content sharing platforms for income, you can now earn for simply directing fans to your link page.
How does it work? Simple! Promoted Ads. These ads are unobtrusive and natively fit the aesthetic of your Sociall Link. Every time an ad is displayed on your Sociall Link, you earn revenue.
Do I have to qualify? No, unlike most monetized content platforms, there are no barriers to start earning revenue on Sociall. Creators of all sizes can monetize their link pages right away.
Is there a minimum payout? Yes, we require a creator to have hit the threshold of $5 to request & receive their payout.
How often am I paid? We pay you once you have submitted a payout request. You will receive a direct PayPal payment in USD within 24 hours.
How much do I get paid? The amount each you are paid is based on how many ads are placed on your Sociall.Link. If there are no ads placed on your Sociall.Link then you don't earn any revenue.
Can I pool revenue between my Sociall accounts? No, each account on Sociall will monetize and be paid out separately.